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Amazon Favorites

It is crucial to be well-prepared for the journey of dealing with a brain tumor. Ensuring you have the necessary items before and after surgery, along with comforting solutions for managing current symptoms and potential deficits associated with this diagnosis is important. Explore our recommended essentials on Amazon, many of these needs our care team does not prepare us for.

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WEDGE PILLOW:  A must-have post-surgery as laying down flat is rather uncomfortable.

NECK PILLOW:  Post craniotomy your neck is very sore, this pillow helps a bunch.

SOFT NIGHT LIGHTS:  Create dimly lit safe pathways in your home.

MEAL PREP CONTAINERS:  Prep nutritious meals ahead of time to take meal planning off your list of things to do.

INSULATED LEAK PROOF TUMBLER:  Keep warm or cold fluids near you at all times, especially during recovery. 

SLIM PORTABLE CHARGER:  Lightweight backup battery for your phone and electronics.

SOCKS WITH GRIPS:  These prevent slipping and falling, particularly when in the hospital.

GENTLE CLEANSING FACEWIPES:  Keep these nearby at the hospital and home.

CLEANSING BODY WIPES: Durable and thick waterless body wipes to replace shower or bath.

HYDRATING FACE CREAM:  Hydrating, gentle, and silky face cream.

MOISTURIZING LIP BALM: Ultra-conditioning lip therapy is excellent for the hospital stay.

HEALING HAND CREAM:  Moisture that stays even after hand washing (not sticky).

TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH & PASTE:  Must have for your hospital stay.

ORAL MOISTURIZING GEL:  Helps to maintain oral health.

DRY MOUTH XYLIMELTS:  Dry mouth oral adhering discs to maintain moisture in your mouth for up to 8-hrs

EYE MOISTURE DROPS: These can be used daily for dry eye and mild irritation.

BABY SHAMPOO:  The suggested shampoo to use when your scar is healing.

LAXATIVES:  Hard lesson many of us learned is how difficult it is to poop post-surgery. Eating light before surgery and using a laxative both pre and post will help to prevent the extreme constipation caused by the medications they use and being under anesthesia for so long. 

GIN GIN ANTI-NAUSEA CHEWS:  Helpful to carry these everywhere you go if prone to nausea.  

PAIN RELIEVER PACKETS:  These are great, keep them in your car, purse, backpack, or wherever you go, Tylenol is one of the best headache pain relievers suggested to take so don't leave home without it!

SLEEP AID:  Sleep can be challenging, this Olly brand is good and can help get you back on track.

MEDICATION ORGANIZER:  If you have a brain tumor diagnosis you will likely be on more meds than usual, especially post-surgery. An organizer like this with AM and PM slots is very helpful in managing medications. 

PILL SPLITTERAdditional medications may require splitting so be prepared.

EAR PLUGS:  Brain Tumor patients are often sensitive to noise, particularly after surgery so carrying ear plugs everywhere you go is helpful.

ICE PACK RELIEF HEAD:  Super helpful for head and neck pain particularly migraines and swelling.

GEL ICE PACK FOR NECK:  Excellent for neck and shoulder soreness

5 SMALL GEL ICE PACKS:  Soft on one side, great for isolated pain.

HEAT PAD RELIEF:  Great for shoulder and back discomfort, neck too!

PAIN RELIEF CREAM:  Gentle, non-greasy, and fragrance-free, for pain, soreness, and bruise relief.  

COMFORT FLEX BRA:  Super soft, easy on and off, with a clasp in the back, good for support and comfort.

BUTTON FRONT NIGHTGOWN:  Wide neck and button front for ease of dressing and avoiding over-the-head pressure when taking on and off.

MEMORY FOAM SLIPPER:  Easy to slip on and off, with grips and memory foam comfort.

COZY VELOUR SWEATSUIT (WOMEN): Excellent for everyday use particularly comforting for doctor visits post-surgery and for when you go home from the hospital. Zip front hoodie jacket is cozy too.

SLIP ON COMFORT SNEAKER:  These Sketcher shoes are soft, comfy, and easy to take on and off.

ZIP FRONT SWEATSUIT (MEN):  Excellent for everyday use particularly comforting for doctor visits post-surgery and for when you go home from the hospital. Zip front hoodie jacket is stylish too!

COMFORT SLIDES (MEN):  Lightweight Nike slides are excellent for the hospital, post-surgery, and for walking, they offer more support than standard slides or flip-flops.

PLASTIC FOLDERS:  To sort your medication and medical documents.

SMALL CLEAR WATERPROOF BAG:  Easy-to-use purse with full visibility of the inside.

WRAP AROUND DARK SUNGLASSES: These can be worn over your glasses and they block most light.

SUPER SOFT EYE MASK: Great for blocking out light especially when napping during the day.

FITBIT WELLNESS TRACKER: Track your sleep, pulse, and more as you work to maintain wellness.

BLUETOOTH HEADBAND: Ultra-thin exercise, meditation, and relaxing soft sleeping headphones.

AUDIBLE:  Listen to books and podcasts plus read digital books!

FIRST AID KIT:  Bumps, bruises, scrapes, and falls can happen on this journey, a first aid kit is always good to have!

All the above items are Brain Tumor Companion favorites and are advised to assist patients as they prepare for their medical journey both pre and post surgery. Amazon is an excellent resource as a one-stop shop, offering reliable returns, free shipping options, and fast delivery times.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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